Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A beautiful swap and a beautiful day!

The weather in Melbourne has been really hot this past week, it reached 43 degrees yesterday with a “low” of 37 at midnight!  It is way too hot to do anything other than seek out the nearest air conditioning unit on days as hot as these, but last week the weather was just perfect for taking my two children out for a day at the beach!

Rosebud 1Rosebud 2 The skies really are this blue! 

This beach (in Rosebud) is perfect for little children because the shallows are expansive… and my little Rosie, (pictured above) is a water-babe for sure!

Rosebud 3 This little ‘sand island’ in the shallows makes for a picturesque playground!

 Rosebud 4 We met up with some friends so my DS, Aaron, had buddies his own age to muck around with!  But who can resist covering a little sister with sand? :-)

Rosebud 5 Peekaboo! 

Rosebud 6A lovely day was had by all, and on the hour-drive home we stopped off for fast-food which “topped the day off nicely” for the two kids! 

In-between the outings with my children and planning for my wedding, I’ve managed a little bit of sewing too… but nothing I can share just yet…. soon, soon!  :-)

However, I do have something wonderful to share today – a ‘swap package’ - received last week from my lovely blogging buddy in The Netherlands, MaiMai and I did a private (pincushion) swap last year that you can read about here and here.  We enjoyed it so much we decided to do a ‘bag swap’ as well.  I can tell you… it was a long time before my jaw could be lifted from the floor after I opened this:

Mais bag 1Isn’t it sublime????

Mais bag detail Here is a close-up of the flower detail… each  petal is quilted and the centre is woven.

Mais bag 2The inside is lined with the most stunning print of birds and flowers; and pockets keenly await their new possessions…

Mais bag keyfobThe green ribbon to the right is attached to the inside and has a key-fob at the end so that keys can easily be retrieved… Mai designed this bag herself and it is everything a girl could wish for.

Mais bag zip closeupEven the zipper is exquisite!  This pic isn’t the best as the mid-day sun was bright, but you get the idea.

What a very spoilt girl I am eh?  But that’s not all…there were other gifts contained within the beautiful bag…

Mais giftsMy favourite Tilda fabrics, some 2-strand Cosmo thread, a sumptuous Xmas pudding pincushion, a sweet scissor fob and THE most gorgeous buttons. Spoilt isn’t the word eh?

Thank you so much, Mai!!  I still haven’t stopped drooling. :-) Mai truly is a very talented seamstress and has an amazing eye for detail. If you live close to Mai in The Netherlands, then you may be interested to know that she runs workshops.  I sure wish I lived close-by!

Once Mai has received her parcel from me, I shall be sure to post some pics.  :-)

Until next time – Hugs!  Vikki x


Anonymous said...

Such wonderful photo's of your kids enjoying the beautiful Aussie sunshine. Wow you sure were spoilt with the parcel from Mai, exquisite.

Simone de Klerk said...

What a lovely parcel you received from Mai! She is such a talented woman! The bag really really suits you.
And thank you for showing those wonderful pictures. Oh, I envy you with such soft beaches and bright skies! Love to see your children playing. Your daughter definitely has your sweet smile (O:
Have a lovely week! Knuffels xoxoxo

Kiwifruit-Shiree said...

Hi Vikki, so nice to see you back - I knew you had to be doing a posting soon! I guess with planning a wedding, you must be very busy indeed, as well as managing 2 smallish children over the holiday times.
You have received a wonderful parcel from Mai, what a very talented lady, and such a marvelous bag.
Have a wonderful week Vikki!
(Private swaps are fun too huh)

Abby and Stephanie said...

I'd love to dip my toes in the warmth of the sand (to thaw them oh from the freezing temps and snow everywhere in the world is experiencing except Australia!) What a lovely swap.

Unknown said...

Beautiful pictures of the beach. You are having it hotter in Melbourne than we are on the Gold Coast. Love the bag no wonder your jaw dropped.

Liz said...

Welcome back, we've missed you! Great pics of the beach and kids. All I can say is OMGosh, how fabulous is that bag, no wonder you're still drooling. Now I have to see if she is doing a pattern, wow it's gorgeous. Lucky girl.

Unknown said...

What beautiful blue skies now if we could all just see some rain clouds .... What gorgeous things , the bag the thread the fabric how lovely , lucky you ! I hope the wedding plans are going smoothly .

I Purr-Furr to Craft said...

Thank you for sharing your beautiful family outing with us, they and the beach look wonderful, Mai has made a charming bag, what fabulous talent, great stuff!
All the best on your wedding plans, (you will have to e-mail me on the dates, themes, I want to know more!)
Looking forward to hearing more on your stitchery when you can!
Have a lovely day.

Jo in TAS said...

Looks like the perfect day for a swim at the beach!
That bag is awesome, how lucky are you to receive such a magnificent peace! Mai is one talented lady!

Sharon (Stitches on Mars) said...

Hi Vikki,
We took Liam to the beach too recently. He loved playing in the shallows just like Rosie. Looks like you had a great day :D
As for the bag, words fail me...Mai is soo talented and the bag looks great on you and there was more. Do you think our partners would notice if we disappeared off to the Netherlands for a class? I don't think it would take long for them to miss us LOL
Love & Hugs, Sharon
Hugs, Sharon

Deb said...

Gosh it has been hot for you guys hasn't it. Certainlyu couldn't cope with those temps. Rosie has it sorted by the look of it though.
The bag you received from Mai is stunning Vikki and all of the other goodies are great-lucky lady you are.
hugs Deb

Allie said...

Oh Vikki those beach pics made me gasp - how beautiful, it looks like Paradise! The littles look like they're having a blast!

And then I saw the pic of the bag, and yet another gasp - that is really stunning. Yes you are spoilt, and I say good job! Love all the goodies you got.

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a fantastic bag. I wonder if Mai has a pattern written up for it. It is just fabulous. Love the pics of your kids at the beach also. Isn't it great when you can take great photos like that.

Kerryanne @ Shabby Art Boutique said...

Yikes... I'm mopping the drool off my keyboard. What an amazing bag Mai has made for you. She is one very talented lady - just like you. I'm looking forward to seeing what you sent Mai too.

Rosie and Aaron look like they had the perfect day at Rosebud. Gorgeous photos too.
Hugs ~ Kerryanne xx

Anonymous said...

Ooh can't you send some warm brise towards me. It's here -1 degrees at 12.00 am. I have made the same bag for myself I will post some pitcures on my blog this weekend . My bag in the snow. Enjoy your bag and whenever I carry my bag with me I think of our beautifull friendship.

Jenny of Elefantz said...

There is a definite overflow of gorgeousness from you today sweet Vikki!! Little Rose, and Mai's bag. WOW!!

Anna Rosa Designs said...

Hi Vikki,
Gosh, yeah, wasn't it damn hot.
Love your photo's of your family day out at the beach!
Your bag from Mai is fantastic.
How are the wedding plans coming along?
Do you date, venue, menu sorted out yet?
Take care,

Rian said...

Great bag you have!
And what a temperature. I do not like such a high temperature, we do not have such one in Holland, but at this time it is freezing here. We have been iceskating this week.....I hardly can imagine that it is so hot on the other side of the world.....

Greetings from -brrr- Holland

Joy said...

What a fabulous day at the beach ... such a perfect spot!!!
LOVE your bag, it's simply stunning you lucky chook ;o)!!
Hugs darling girl,
Joy :o)

Micki said...

What lovely gifts! That bag is spectacular!

Robin in New Jersey said...

I would adore some of your sunshine right now. It's cold and dreary here in New Jersey in the USA.

prashant said...

Love to see your children playing. Your daughter definitely has your sweet smile

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Karen from Sew Many Ways... said...

Hi Vikki,
Trying to catch up on reading all my favorite blogs. I love this's so beautiful. The photos of the beach are just great too. That is the bluest sky. I hope all your wedding plans are going smoothly. No need to reply must be crazy. Just know I am thinking about you and sending you good thoughts for all your plans.


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