Monday, July 6, 2009

Christmas in July giveaway!

I am a Christmas fanatic! So imagine my joy when I emigrated to Australia five years ago to discover that the Aussies celebrate the season not once, but twice a year!

Christmas in July is big news in the southern hemisphere and I believe it came about because many expats couldn't quite get used to the Australian December heat, preferring the cold wintry, snowy, weather of Europe that equates to the 'postcard perfect' quintessential look and feel of Christmas.

So Christmas in July was born! A time to celebrate yuletide while the weather is cooler! Winter in Australia is still mild compared to that of England... but oh what joy to celebrate Christmas all over again... and better still... to have all the craft magazines packed to the rafters with seasonal projects!

This leads me to my point... (yes there is one!).... if you are a festive junkie such as myself, you really must go and visit Barb at Barb's Creations. This generous lady has handmade a vast array of gorgeous Christmas goodies and is giving them away! Her creations are beautiful.

Just click on the button below to pay Barb a visit and enter her draw!

Ho ho ho... and... Good luck! :-)


Deb said...

Hi Vikki, it is so much nicer having christmas in colder weather. I relates to a "real christmas" because a real christmas is when you eat the heavier foods. Christmas down here is always so hot and you just want salads or a bbq, I am finding it a bit disappointing as I get older. I really love gathering our friends and having a pot luck christmas in July, its so much fun especially the mulled wine in the crockpot!!

Khris said...

Thanks for the link Vikki...I have done the most I can do to win this lovely prize...and as I said in my post on my blog RED is my fav colour so it really should be mine...LOL...yes like Deb said the cold weather is so lovely to have what we used to call a traditional Christmas with the yummy roasts. Here in Oz its just a shame we cant do that. I so enjoyed our trip to the States both times to enjoy the freezing cold white was gorgeous.....hugs Khris

I Purr-Furr to Craft said...

Thanks Vikki,
I like the idea of Christmas in July too. I have a friend who does this each year and we have a Secret Santa Prezzie list. I make the decorations, My buys the food, we all take our part in the cooking, (last year i made mince pies (with her guidance)and stuffed the turkey. We have plenty of wine and song.

blushing rose said...

DH just affirmed that you all celebrate Christmas in July ... what a neat idea! He worked down under a lot & loves it down there. Happy Christmas to you all ... how lovely for Christ to have 2 celebrations in a years. TTFN ~Marydon

XUE said...

How fun! ... Christmas twice a year! We don't have Christmas twice but we do have double to celebrate as we got married on Christmas Eve.

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

The cold weather we are having at the moment really lends itself to yummy Christmas food!

Liz said...

I can't quite believe that you are a Santa junkie too, wait while I send you this link I have. You get to think about Christmas on the 25th of each month on 'Rudy Day', you'll love it.
bye for now xxx

I Purr-Furr to Craft said...

You have been TAGGED!! what does this mean? nothing bad i assure you! Check out my blog to find out.


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