Sunday, May 3, 2009

Well hello Dolly!

A picture tells a thousand words... so I won't ramble on too much today! Instead I shall show you some of the amazing polymer and cloth dolls that were on display yesterday at the ACDA "From cloth to clay" exhibition.

Get ready to be awed!!!

Above: Some of the "Frumpy Grumps" from a Club workshop with Jill Maas.

The full party of Grumps and their neighbours!

A general view from inside the exhibition room. I decorated an old washing line to create the white tree, from which polymer fairies hang. The fairies were made at a Club workshop with
Conny Deylen.

How cute is this gorgeous girl? I believe she was made by our club member, Maureen, but please don't quote me on that!

If you read my last post you will be familiar with my Fairy challenge doll. Here are a few others...

Below is Helen's take on a
Linda Misa doll named Emer. Helen hand-painted the dress - isn't it stunning?

A few posts back (here) I shared the process of creating Madame le Chat... that process still continues (giggle)!! Let's just say that my madame is a little bit shy and takes a while getting ready... yes, that sounds better than: "I couldn't work out how to make the costume and didn't want to rush her!"

Here is Marny's version of Madame... isn't she groovy? (Just between me and you, I think this feline dame likes the odd tipple... I could smell Brandy on her breath! Shhh!)

And this is Doreen's family of Le Chat's... aren't they adorable??? I fell in love instantly with the child cat, I could have easily cat-napped her and taken her home with me... but she would have missed her mum and dad too much (and Doreen, of course!!) Awwww... just look at her sweet face - can you blame me?!

Oh, and this is one of Doreen's incredible creations with cloth and polymer clay. The Gent is studying a captured fairy under a magnifying glass. Incredible! Doreen is an amazing artist, if you would like to check out more of her fantasy and figurative work, have a look at her website here.

Pictured above is the "Out of Africa" challenge dolls.

The "Under the Big Top" display. All but one of these clowns and acrobats are the designs of club member, Denise. One very talented lady!

The "Black & White... and one other colour" display:

Oh, and above is a pic of Sue's coral paradise... can you believe that Sue made this as a scratching post for her pet cats to play with?!! Lucky kitties! :-)

Now for the internationally-acclaimed work of Jenny Romano. Hold on to your jaw as it may well drop!

Here is Jenny with her award-winning fantasy piece - which took her two years to make! If you would like to see more of her fabulous work, she has a gallery here. All of the creations you see are made out of wool felt, and the detail and character in each piece is incredible.

I shall finish up by saying it was a truly beautiful day and I regret not taking pics of the venue to show you. I had so much fun and feel truly blessed and proud to be a part of such a wonderful club with such creative, generous, and inspiring members!

So is that enough piccies for you - or would you like me to do 'doll of the day' for the next few days? I don't want to bore you so you must be honest and let me know if you are interested.

Now I need to get on and start making a cot quilt for my SIL's niece. So back to the sewing machine for me - after I spend lots of time with my children having been away from them most of the weekend! :-)

Until next time - happy creating! :-)

ps. And you believed me when I said I wasn't going to ramble? he he he...


Sandra @ Pepperberry & Co. said...

Wow! There are some spectacular dolls there. I can't believe people have such incredible patience and talent!! Well done to you and to everyone else involved. Amazing!!

Sandra @ Pepperberry & Co. said...

P.S. Yes please on 'Doll of the Day'!

Dolores said...

You did a great job on the tree display for the polymer dolls. Please do a "doll of the day" and it won't be boring. It will be inspiring.

Jenny of Elefantz said...

Yep, the jaw dropped...WOW. Just WOW!
I am speechless.

Vicki ♥ said...

Wow.!! so many lovely dolls and how clever are all the makers, I am totally amazed at how clever everyone is. Such talent!! and no Vikki you didnt ramble or go on at all :) loved reading it all :)

Jodie said...

Wow ! Where do you start - there are so many different styles - I couldn't pick a favourite. Doll a day is a great idea.

Unknown said...

Wow ! Some of them are so lifelike !

Unknown said...

I had to scrape my jaw off the floor. Such a wonderful variety. Thanks for sharing.

Anna Rosa Designs said...

Hi Vikki,
Yes, I'll say it as well,
WOW, those dolls are amazing, I've never seen anything like them.
Most of their faces have real character and you can see by the expression what they are thinking!
Some real talented doll makers.
Thanks for showing us and keep the pictures coming.
Hugs, Anna

Jo in TAS said...

Thanks so much for sharing the photos you did take. They are all just so gorgeous, a very talented bunch indeed!!

Unknown said...

Great photos. Your tree display of polymer fairies looked magical. Enjoying your blog too.



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